Lawyer releases public apology on behalf of man videotaped spitting inside Vancouver elevator

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      To date, the man who was videotaped spitting inside an elevator in a Vancouver condominium has not been named.

      Nor has he been charged.

      And today through his lawyer, Richard Fowler, he's issued a written apology.

      The man stated that he does not have symptoms related to the novel coronavirus, nor does he have any other health issues.

      You can read his letter below:

      "I am horrified at my own actions which are reprehensible and inexcusable. The incident occurred as a result of a momentary fit of anger resulting from an ongoing dispute with the strata council in the building where I own a unit.

      "I am employed, have never had any issues with law enforcement and am otherwise a good, law-abiding citizen. I can’t explain my own actions in this situation

      "A public apology is not enough in this case. It is difficult to express how horrified I feel about my conduct, especially given the pandemic that worries everyone.

      "I do sincerely apologize to the residents of the building as well as the general public.

      "This incident occurred approximately eight days ago. I have no coronavirus symptoms and no health issues. I have been keeping my distance from others as required.

      "As part of my apology, I will make a meaningful donation to the strata council to more than cover the cost of extra sanitation required and to reassure other residents that I never intended to harm anyone.

      "I will also seek professional counseling.

      "There is really no way to make this right. All I can do is express how sorry I am that this happened and to assure nothing like this will ever happen again."