And now, for something completely different—unpacking the semantics of COVID communications

Are you confused when you hear terms like "wavelet" and "focused protection"?

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      Judging from what I see on Twitter every day, plenty of folks are in a rage over provinces' decisions to drop indoor mask mandates.

      Others are upset about the lack of COVID-19 testing.

      Then there are those who are incredulous over the placement of COVID-19 hospital patients near those who don't have the disease.

      It's truly baffling, given that COVID-19 is a vascular disease that often presents first as a respiratory illness but in some cases, goes on to damage internal organs, including the brain.

      Fortunately, an associate professor in McGill University's Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Olga Basso, has offered some insights into the thinking of public-health officials and the language they use to justify their positions.

      You can read her Twitter thread below on this subject.