Antilockdown activist Ryan Kulbaba describes feeling very sick and wonders if it's a case of severe flu

The organizer of the so-called freedom rallies has been a leader in the movement opposing vaccine passports

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      Last night, one of B.C.'s most vocal opponents of COVID-19 vaccine passports reported that he's feeling very ill.

      Ryan Kulbaba wrote on his Facebook page that it's been going on for seven days and he has no idea what the cause of his illness might be.

      The organizer of so-called "freedom rallies" wondered if it might be the flu.

      In the past, Kulbaba has called on people to walk into stores without their faces covered to "educate" retail workers and their managers about human rights.

      He's also been active in encouraging people to demonstrate outside dining establishments that demand proof of vaccination to enter.

      Last year, Air Canada refused to allow him to board a plane to attend an antimask rally in Toronto.

      Below, you can read Kulbaba's post about his health:

      "I have never been more sick, in terms of severity of sickness combined with duration, as I have been for the last 7 days. NEVER!!!!!

      "Usually I'm always real sick for 1 day, maybe 2 and then lingering effects for days or a few weeks until it goes away, regardless of type of sickness. Never have I been this SEVERELY sick for 7 straight days in my life.

      "It started as hot n cold body chills, muscle and body aches, lack of being able to focus, cant walk, sore legs and eyes, respiratory cough, nose tingle and accompanying watery eye, head hurts when I cough, and throat tingle. Maybe a severe flu?!?!

      "Now its morphed into no hot cold body chills, a more severe respiratory cough feeling, muscle fatigue after doing anything, zero energy, sore eyes (almost like a headache behind the eyes kinda) when I move them, very hard to walk, head hurts when I cough, sore lower back and sore legs. Totally drained.

      "I dont know what the fuck I have but this is BY FAR the worst I've felt combined with length of time being sick EVER. Holy fuck!!!"

      Antilockdown activists met on October 12

      Kulbaba posted on October 13 that he met the previous night with other members of his movement.

      This was to settle some differences that had emerged.

      He acknowledged that at that time "hands were shook" and "hugs were hugged".

      On Friday (October 22), people in the movement plan to hold a large demonstration outside the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation office at 700 Hamilton Street. Kulbaba has previously described the media as a "virus" for its coverage of issues relating to COVID-19.

      Of the more than 300 people who responded to Kulbaba's post, 25 admitted to having been extremely ill themselves.

      Some laid the blame on people who were vaccinated against COVID-19.

      Kulbaba also received suggestions of many natural remedies to his illness, including garlic, ginger, large units of vitamin D, homemade quinine, echinacea, elderberry, blue-green algae, chicken soup, and grapefruit.


      After this article appeared, Kulbaba deleted his Facebook post about his illness.