Antivaxxer announces plan by Chris Sky to block traffic to Vancouver International Airport

It comes after antimask activists staged protests inside a Canadian Tire store in Nanaimo and on the SkyTrain in Vancouver

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      B.C. opponents of vaccine passports have been taking increasingly brazen steps to convey their disagreements with various levels of government.

      Today at 11 a.m., one of Canada's best-known antimaskers, Chris Sky (a.k.a. Chris Saccoccia), will hold a rally outside Vancouver City Hall, according to his Twitter feed.

      This comes two days after he led a procession of his unmasked supporters into a Canadian Tire store in Nanaimo.

      Earlier this year, Sky was charged with uttering death threats against elected officials.

      He was also charged with assault with a weapon after he tried to escape police and allegedly struck an officer with a vehicle.

      The police allegations against Sky have not been proven in court.

      In the meantime, Sky appears to be planning a more dramatic protest on Sunday (November 7).

      This was disclosed by one of the leaders in Vancouver's antimask movement, Raoul Taylor van Haastert, at an October 31 "No New Normal Rally" in downtown Vancouver.

      At that event, Taylor van Haastert said there will be another rally at Vancouver City Hall on Sunday (November 7) from 1 to 3 p.m.

      "I was just thinking if we're going to be at city hall until 3:00, then after that we should all drive out to the airport," the antimask activist stated. "That's Chris Sky's initiative, right? Whereby we're going to clog up Vancouver International Airport and create havoc for all the madness and insanity that they're creating on us, right?"

      Then he added: "We're going to be driving around and making it impossible for people to actually access the airport. So it's going to cost them a lot of money."

      Taylor van Haastert explained that governments are spending millions of dollars on subsidies to corporations to help them "take away our rights and freedoms".

      "That's the game the government plays: to bail out these corporations who are doing oppressive measures against us," he continued. "This is a great way to retaliate."

      Then he declared the need to rise up against corporations because each one is an "enemy".

      In the past, Taylor van Haastert has been described as an "antisemitic conspiracy theorist" by the Jewish Independent. This came after he condemned the "Zionist media" and claimed that "our WWII history is a lie".

      Last month, Sky also led some of his maskless supporters onto the SkyTrain, violating a requirement to wear face coverings on public transit.

      This so-called "Rosa Parks challenge" was documented in an October 30 Facebook video.

      "We had the security literally take us to the place, purchase the tickets, walk us to the entrance, [and] be nice and friendly to us," Sky said in the video.

      After he and his supporters walked through the cars on the train, he quipped: "We should go to the speakerphone and say 'please take off your mask'."

      On November 2, the B.C. government reported 406 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the provincewide number of active cases to 4,694.

      There were 445 people in hospital and 137 in intensive care with COVID-19, according to the latest statement.

      There were five new COVID-19-related deaths reported on November 2, bringing the provincewide total to 2,186 since the pandemic began.