B.C. Green Leader Sonia Furstenau calls on NDP government to advance clear policies that recognize COVID-19 is airborne

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      The B.C. Green caucus has issued four demands to reduce transmission of COVID-19 by:

      * recognizing and clearly communicating that the disease is airborne;

      * reiterating the importance of wearing N95s or their equivalent in public settings;

      * moving to supply British Columbians with free and accessible N95s and rapid tests;

      * and re-establishing and expanding COVID-19 testing sites for all British Columbians.

      In addition, the B.C. Greens issued two demands to protect the health-care system by:

      * providing the funding for all hospitals and schools to establish proper ventilation, HEPA filters, and for schools to obtain N95s and rapid tests;

      * and allowing the use of N95s in hospital and health-care settings.

      "The @bcndp's failure to build policies on the evidence that #COVID19 is airborne has led to inadequate communication, inaccurate information, & a lack of essential tools for the public to understand why decisions are made or how to achieve our shared goals," B.C. Green Leader Sonia Furstenau tweeted.

      She also reiterated the B.C. Greens' demand for an independent science advisory to make decision-making "de-politicized, transparent, and non-biased".