Oxford professor of primary care offers guidance to GPs and patients about Long COVID

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      Some who survive COVID-19 still experience excessive fatigue, memory problems, headaches, and other problems weeks after their diagnosis.

      The term often used to describe this is "Long COVID". However, the World Health Organization uses the term "post COVID-19 syndrome" for symptoms lasting more than four weeks.

      Dr. Trisha Greenhalgh is a University of Oxford professor of primary care with a keen interest in this area.

      Today, she shared some of the information gathered for the Locomotion Study, which is focused on identifying and promoting the most effective care for Long COVID patients.

      It's funded by the National Institute for Health Research.

      "The best current guide to whether a patient is getting better from long covid is whether they feel better," she noted.

      You can read Dr. Greenhalgh's Twitter thread below.

      She cautioned that she has not checked every word of every resource cited, so she requests that readers not send her abuse if they find a sentence that they disagree with.