Singles looking for sex can improve their chances by being vaccinated against COVID-19

This information comes from a survey by Match, which also showed that emotional maturity is hotter than ever

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      It's official. The Match Singles in America survey has shown that if you want to get laid, you should take the jab against COVID-19.

      According to the 11th annual Match survey, 65 percent of singles want their dating partners to be vaccinated.

      That rises to 80 percent among those who are vaccinated.

      The percentages rose higher as people grew older. Among Gen X singles, 57 percent were unlikely to have sex with an unvaccinated partner. That rose to 85 percent among baby boomers. Only a third of young singles felt this way.

      The survey was taken of Americans, where 73 percent of singles are vaccinated. 

      In B.C., 91.2 percent of eligible people 12 and older have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, and 88 percent have taken a second dose. This suggests that the numbers seeking vaccinated partners could be significantly higher in B.C. than the Match survey results

      The survey also reported that "emotional maturity has never been hotter". Only 78 percent wanted someone who was physically attractive, down from 90 percent in 2020. That contrasted with 84 percent who wanted someone they could trust and confide in, communicate their wants and needs to, and makes them laugh.

      "We’re not saying one-night-stands are gone for good, but they’re definitely on the decline," Match stated on its website. "And social distancing isn’t the only explanation. The pandemic has initiated an appetite for more meaningful, steadfast and long-term relationships. And to the shock of many, young singles are embracing this trend the most."