Two physicians speak to vaccine-passport opponents in front of B.C. politicians being hanged in effigy

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      A Vancouver family physician has accused the College of Physicians and Surgeons of pushing "a dangerous and ineffective injection as the only path forward" in responding to COVID-19.

      Dr. Daniel Nagase made the comment about COVID-19 RNA vaccines in a prepared speech in front of the B.C. legislature on December 9. It was organized by opponents of vaccine passports and held on the 75th anniversary of the commencement of a trial of 23 doctors at the Nuremberg Tribunal for their role in Nazi war crimes.

      Seven of those 23 physicians were hanged and another nine received lengthy prison sentences following the trial.

      As Nagase was speaking, people behind him raised hanged dummies in white hazmat suits in effigy. They featured the faces of Premier John Horgan, Health Minister Adrian Dix, and Solicitor General and Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth and remained suspended throughout Nagase's speech.

      Nagase is listed in the registry of the B.C. College of Physicians and Surgeons as having a medical degree from Dalhousie University in 2004. Coincidentally, this is the same university where David Eby graduated with a law degree in the same year. Also coincidentally, Nagase's registered office is only three blocks from Eby's constituency office. 

      In a statement to Global B.C. News, Eby stated that the decision to have politicians hanged in effigy was "totally unaccceptable"

      In his speech, Nagase said that he treated three elderly Alberta patients suffering from COVID-19 with ivermectim.

      However, he said that that College of Physicians and Surgeons banned the use of ivermectim to treat COVID-19 "in the two weeks that followed my successful treatment of COVID". And he was subsequently banned from working in all of Alberta's hospitals.

      "Unfortunately, ignorance does exist," Nagase said, reading from his text. "The College of Physicians and Surgeons pushed a dangerous and ineffective injection as the only path forward for an unremarkable seasonal virus, one with a greater than 99 percent survival rate.

      "I worked since 2004," the physician continued. "I have seen many flu seasons. The 2020 influenza season, even if you relabel it as a coronavirus pandemic, is no different."

      The B.C. government has reported 2,381 deaths from COVID-19 since March 2020. Statistics Canada has reported there were 874 B.C. deaths from the flu from 2009 to 2019, according to a CTV News report.

      This suggests that there were at least 16 times more deaths from COVID-19 in the first 20 months of the pandemic than from the seasonal flu each month. It's why public-health officials say that the pandemic is vastly different from an ordinary flu season.

      With regard to ivermectin, Health Canada issued a bulletin earlier this year saying it's only authorized for human use as a prescription antiparasitic drug for the treatment of parasitic worm infections.

      "Health Canada is reminding Canadians not to use ivermectin to prevent or treat COVID-19," the bulletin stated. "Canadian poison centres have seen an increase in reports concerning ivermectin over the summer."

      Meanwhile, one high-profile B.C. antivaxxer, Mak Parhar, died of unknown causes after saying on his final video that he had taken ivermectin to deal with persistent flulike symptoms.

      In his final video before he died, antivaxxer Mak Parhar said that he took ivermectim.

      Nagase accuses bureaucrats of stealing people's money

      But Nagase didn't only speak about "medical licensing boards pushing the most dangerous injection in the history of vaccination". He also told the crowd that they had the "freedom to create" as they viewed politicians being hung in effigy behind him.

      "Politicians: they push lockdowns, a term reserved for prisoners," the doctor said. "Remember those two weeks to flatten the curve? It turned into two months and now, almost two years later, freedom from imprisonment—a lockdown—comes only at the price of submitting to an inhuman experiment."

      Nagase also described COVID-19 RNA vaccines as a "deadly scientific manipulation", claiming that this has become "the price for freedom". 

      "For being free from being locked down by ignorant politicians and people who call themselves doctors and health ministers," Nagase stated.

      That view is rejected by the medical establishment and public-health agencies around the world.

      "For those of us who did not believe the great lie that a vaccine could end a pandemic, for those of us who refused the unreasonable idea that locking down the healthy could better a society, there came coercion," Nagase continued. "Take an injection or lose your job, your house, your family."

      He also claimed that "this problem infects judiciaries, and health authorities alike". He accused bureaucrats of using "the excuse of public good to steal your money, steal people's futures, and to steal the very foundations of something called humanity".

      "So what is freedom, really?" Nagase asked. "What does it mean to be a man or woman? Imagine for a minute that there was no such thing as humanity. Only robots: beings that did what they were told. Beings that had no choice, no freedom.

      "What would the ruler of the mindless lead?" he added. "Would there be any reason, any need, for truth, enlightenment? Would the ruler of robots, mindless slaves, be in fact a mere tyrant—one whose only existence is for power, power without reason, power without love, power without truth? Is that the nature of those who would try to rule over us—with coercion and lies? A government founded upon lies, funded by stolen labour and savings, and enforcing injustice with cowardly obedience."

      Then Nagase spoke about the "ruler of all"—the creator—who "has placed a light of justice in each and every one of our soul".

      As the politicians continued to be hanged in effigy behind him, Nagase said: "What if that ruler ruled with reason? With truth? With enlightenment? What kind of men and women would result? Let's answer that question by looking into the mirror.  Do we have choice? Do we have the freedom to choose? Is there something that exists in every woman and man that makes us human? I would say 'Yes, there is something. It's that ability to choose between evil and good. Between slavery and freedom. Between mindlessness and reason.' That very ability to choose was given to each and every one of us because the creator of all creation rules with reason, love and enlightenment: the gift given to humanity. The gift that creates humanity, is choice.

      "That is the nature of the universe: free creatures, born of excellence, divinity, and justice. That is what it means to be human. Only the most enlightened creator would give choice to every single one of his creations," Nagase said.

      "The freedom to create is the origin of all creation and we have a piece of creation in each and every one of us because we all know what it means to be born free. Because that is how we were meant to be," he continued. "How do we know this to be true? Because even in the darkest of tyrannies, women and men can still choose. We can either swell the ranks of tyranny with fear or win freedom with the courage to choose. Unfortunately, time and again, people have chosen fear. politicians have chosen fear. And even doctors have chosen fear.

      "Charlatans seek to buy our souls with money," the doctor declared as the politicians continued to be hung in effigy. "And how cheap is that soul bought for $1 million, $10 million, or $100 million? How pitiful are those who sold something priceless and eternal for a handful of dust? Tyrants today seek to enslave our souls with senseless acts of violence. Look at Australia. Look at Germany. How sad is that heart, which is turned away from freedom, from fear and falsehood. Those who try to separate us from the light that was born into each and every one of our souls—they only know power. And their only goal is to be a master of mindless slaves. They do not know truth. They do not know reason. They do not know about enlightenment. They do not follow in the footsteps of that which created them. They do not know that freedom exists in each and every one of us."

      Still, with the politicians being hung in effigy over his shoulder, Nagase offered this conclusion: "But the choice is ours. Just as it was the choice of all of creation to give us freedom. We must choose to use our eyes to see truth, our minds to think with reason, and hearts to create love and beauty. That creativity, the freedom to create, is given to each and every one with the hope that the light of reason will guide us to act in the very way that we ourselves were acted upon when we were born. One is a word of lies and mindlessness and slavery. The other is the image of truth, justice, and freedom—the image in which we ourselves were created. The choice is ours."

      Another speaker at the rally, Dr. Charles Hoffe, claimed that history was "repeating itself", drawing a link between the Nuremberg Tribunal prosecution of doctors and the way modern-day physicians are responding to COVID-19. When he mentioned that doctors in the Nazi era were hanged, that drew roars of approval from some in the crowd.

      Earlier this year the Interior Health Authority suspended Hoffe's emergency-room privileges because of his public comments about COVID-19.

      Like Nagase, Hoffe also spoke in front of the politicians being hanged in effigy.

      "The government of Canada and the government-controlled media and the medical leadership of our province have driven a narrative of fear into every home in Canada to prepare us for their medical experiment, Hoffe stated. "They have used erroneous diagnostic tests like the PCR to completely inflate the numbers both of the cases of COVID and of the deaths of COVID. This is not a diagnostic test that is used for any infectious disease in medicine. It is an erroneous test to drive their narrative of fear to prepare us for the experiments."

      In 2004, the Lancet published a paper highlighting some of the benefits and limitations of using PCR tests for infectious diseases in acute-care settings. One of the benefits is their speed, which was also cited in a 2021 article on Medlineplus.

      "Unlike many other tests, PCR tests can find evidence of disease in the earliest stages of infection," Medlineplus stated. "Other tests may miss early signs of disease because there aren't enough virusesbacteria, or other pathogens in the sample, or your body hasn't had enough time to develop an antibody response. Antibodies are proteins made by your immune system to attack foreign substances, such as viruses and bacteria. PCR tests can detect disease when there is only a very small amount of pathogens in your body."