COVID-19: Make some noise as Vancouver residents join global movement in cheering on health-care workers

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      A noisy movement that started in Italy and Spain as a way to recognize frontline health-care workers in the unprecedented era of COVID-19 is fast gaining ground in Vancouver. 

      Every night at 7 p.m., people are taking to their balconies (or porch, patio, deck, or apartment building window) to bang pots and pans, clap their hands, cheer, play a musical instrument (or do whatever else to make loud noise) to say thank you and show support for people who are putting their own health at risk (including anyone working in essential services) to care for those affected by the novel coronavirus. 

      Rory Richards, a resident of the West End, got things rolling here in Vancouver recently after creating an event on Facebook to spread the idea.

      "Hosted by the Vancouver West Enders with an invite to the entire city to join us on our balconies and at our windows to show our gratitude for our healthcare workers on the front lines of fighting this virus, as well as all the essential workers who are putting themselves at risk so we have access to food, transportation and other essential services," Richards wrote.

      "Bring your self, your voice, your hands, an instrument and let’s unite in gratitude and MAKE SOME NOISE from our windows and balconies!

      "Please spread this invitation far and wide so the brave people we are honouring get the biggest applause we can generate.