Nanaimo RCMP issue COVID-19 violation tickets to 11 youths for gathering at high school

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      Despite repeated warnings about health measures in British Columbia, some individuals haven’t been abiding by provincial health measures—and have been penalized for not doing so.

      The latest example comes from Vancouver Island.

      Nanaimo RCMP stated in a news release today (December 22) that patrol officers observed a large group of teenagers and vehicles gathering in the parking lot of Dover Bay High School in Nanaimo around 11:45 p.m. on December 19.

      An officer discussed the health risks of their behaviour with the youth and informed them that they needed to disperse. The officer then left the location.

      However, upon returning shortly thereafter, found that there were more vehicles and people in attendance.

      Many of the individuals weren’t wearing masks and wandering back and forth between vehicles to talk to each other.

      Due to their lack of compliance with being asked to disperse, the officer issued each of the individuals—eleven in total—a fine for $230. According to Nanaimo RCMP, all of the youths were “ respectful, apologetic and understanding of why they were receiving a ticket”.

      The B.C. government had announced on December 15 that it would be increasing inspections and health measure enforcement.

      On December 18, Chilliwack RCMP announced that it fined and charged three churches for holding in-person religious services and defying provincial public health orders—the churches received eight charges and a total of $18,400 in fines.

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