Alberta NDP MLA Thomas Dang resigns from caucus after RCMP executes search warrant on his home

He believes it's linked to his discovery of a security flaw in the vaccination-record system

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      An MLA has resigned from the Alberta NDP caucus as a result of a cybersecurity investigation.

      Thomas Dang tweeted that he made this decision after the RCMP had executed a search warrant on his home while he was away on personal time.

      "I believe this warrant was executed in relation to the vulnerabilities within the COVID-19 vaccination records on the Government of Alberta website," Dang stated.

      The Edmonton-South MLA revealed that "a concern was raised" to him in September about this issue.

      "I tested these concerns and found that a security flaw did exist," Dang declared. "I immediately notified Alberta Health with the relevant information so that the vulnerability could be corrected. It was resolved shortly thereafter."

      Dang is the son of Vietnamese refugees to Canada. He was 20 years old when he was elected as an MLA in 2015, making him the youngest person in history to win a provincial seat in Alberta.

      He has also worked as a software consultant.

      The Alberta RCMP cybercrime investigative team has confirmed that it searched a home in Edmonton but refused to divulge the person's identity.