Calgary police charge antivaxxer Chris Sky with one count of mischief following #JamtheAirports protest

Splits are emerging in the ranks of those who are fighting against vaccine passports

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      A rabble-rousing antivaxxer was briefly taken into custody and charged with one count of mischief after trying to tie up traffic to airports in several metropolitan areas.

      Chris Sky, a.k.a. Chris Saccoccia, devised the #JamtheAirports event on November 7 to protest the imposition of vaccine passports.

      He urged his supporters to drive slowly around Vancouver International Airport and other airports to make it difficult for people to leave the arrivals area.

      Sky was in Calgary when he was arrested.

      "Our primary role in situations like this is to preserve public safety and ensure the rights of other citizens are not negatively affected by actions of protesters," Calgary Police Services major events and emergency management section acting inspector Peter Siegenthaler said in a news release.

      Over Twitter, Sky said that police treated him well.

      The protest at Vancouver International Airport didn't amount to much, as demonstrated by this video on the Facebook page of Jack Hummell.

      Earlier this year, Sky was charged with uttering threats against elected officials and assaulting a police officer with his vehicle in Toronto. 

      None of the allegations against him has been proven in court.

      Meanwhile, it appears that some in the movement opposing vaccine passports are tiring of Sky's antics.

      Vlogger Dan Dicks and Marco Pietro, who are both in Metro Vancouver, have each criticized Sky on social media.

      Pietro alleged on September 24 that one of Sky's allies, Vladislav Sobolev, threatened to rush the stage at the next "Freedom Rally World" in Vancouver and "do a takeover".

      Moreover, Pietro claimed that this has occurred in other cities, "which is why they're not welcome anymore".

      Sobolev, Sky, and another ally, Raoul Taylor van Haasert, have all spoken in favour of direct-action tactics to push their agenda. The airport events were the latest example

      In the past Sky and some of his supporters have marched maskless into a Nanaimo Canadian Tire store and onto the SkyTrain in Vancouver in violation of a health order.

      Pietro claimed over Twitter that Dicks has video of a confrontation between him and Sobolev but hasn't released it to the public.

      In the second video below, Pietro demands that Dicks make the video available on his Press for Truth website.

      Nearly 30,000 Canadian deaths

      According to government statistics, there have been 1.74 million cases of COVID-19 recorded in Canada. More than 29,000 deaths have been attributed to the disease. That exceeds the population of the City of Langley.

      There's growing evidence that COVID-19 is an airborne disease. Public-health officials, however have been reluctant to use this term explicitly, perhaps because it would imply that more extensive and costlier measures might be necessary to control the spread.

      A paper published in the Lancet in May offered 10 scientific reasons in support of airborne transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19.

      "Reducing airborne transmission of virus requires measures to avoid inhalation of infectious aerosols, including ventilation, air filtration, reducing crowding and time spent indoors, use of masks whenever indoors, attention to mask quality and fit, and higher-grade protection for health-care staff and front-line workers," the researchers wrote.