Check out this behaviour from supporters of Freedom Convoy 2022

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      Nobody knows what's going to happen on January 29 when the Freedom Convoy 2022 beings its full-throttled demonstration in Ottawa.

      But there have already been a few examples of questionable behaviour by some of those who back the movement.

      Dale Manucdoc, a CBC reporter in Toronto, tweeted that when he contacted the convoy contact in his city, he received some unusual texts from a different number.

      One of these messages described him a "slave blooded traitor".

      The journalist was also told that he toes the line "for the global corporate coup taking place under the guide of public health".

      "Traitors will swing in time," the text message added.

      In Winnipeg, the NDP MLA for St. James tweeted video of an aggressive opponent of vaccine mandates.

      The agitated man entered a constuency office and threatened an employee with a "notice of liability" for her actions.

      In some of these COVID-19 notices of liability, Nazi war criminals are shown being hanged.

      These notices have also alleged that there's never been a "proven" COVID-19 pandemic, notwithstanding the World Health declaration on March 11, 2020.

      Then In Ottawa, a triple-vaxxed nursing student tweeted that one man holding up a "FrEEDOM" sign took a swing at her with the pole.

      Here are what others are saying about convoy supporters' actions in Ottawa...

      Some have questioned what the real agenda of the convoy is.

      The spokesperson for the convoy, Benjamin Dichter, told FOX News host Tucker Carlson that the demonstrators are seeking two outcomes: "We want to get rid of the vaccine mandates and the passports."

      Carlson told Dichter that he drives a truck for a living, a point that Dichter did not contradict, despite his history as a gemmologist.

      Then the host asked why it falls to Dichter to address government tyranny.

      "Why does it fall to us?" Dichter replied. "Because we're the ones who actually suffer the repercussions."

      Video: Tucker Carlson interviews Benjamin Dichter.

      Dichter, is a former Conservative candidate who later became involved in the People's Party of Canada.

      At one PPC convention, he reportedly expressed concerns about how "political Islam" had infiltrated  the Liberal and Conservative parties, according to the Hamilton Spectator.

      "Despite what our corporate media and political leaders want to admit, Islamist entryism and the adaptation of political Islam is rotting away at our society like syphilis," Dichter claimed.

      Meanwhile, the convoy-supporting Action4Canada group is calling on all Canadians to remove their masks on Monday (January 31). In addition, it's urging all workers to walk off the job to show solidarity with the convoy.

      This notice basically calls for a general strike on Monday (January 31).

      According to Transport Minister Omar Alghabra, about 90 percent of Canadian truckers have been vaccinated against COVID-19, which makes them eligible to cross the border into the United States.