Check out what one militant Vancouver opponent of vaccine passports posted on his Facebook page

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      Canadians have witnessed some fairly hostile behaviour toward Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau on the campaign trail.

      Much of this anger is related to Trudeau's support for vaccine passports, which would keep the unvaccinated off airplanes and away from concerts and other well-attended public events.

      Many of these activists are also vehemently opposed to vaccinating children and youths against COVID-19.

      This week, one of those Vancouver critics of vaccine passports, Jack Hummell, posted messages on his Facebook page making it abundantly clear what he thinks of these ideas.

      You can see two of the messages below.


      Jack Hummell Facebook
      Jack Hummell Facebook

      Last month, Hummell was among those who tried to disrupt a rally for safe schools outside the Vancouver Art Gallery.

      Educators who had gathered there were calling for more measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Some were shouted down by their critics as Vancouver police stood on the sidelines observing what was taking place.

      Hummell's Facebook friends include several leaders and activists in the movement to oppose vaccine passports. As of this writing, none of them has expressed any concerns about these recent posts on his Facebook page.