Critics of COVID-19 vaccines plan protests outside B.C. media outlets

The first stations that will be targeted in 2022 are Global News B.C and CHEK-TV

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      On Saturday (January 8), the Burnaby headquarters of Global B.C. will be the site of a protest hosted by one of the administrators of the Stand United Facebook page.

      James Davison calls his movement the "Fellowship for Freedom". The Facebook account includes posts denouncing Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci as parasites and condemning the government for measures taken to curb the spread of COVID-19.

      Online messages advertising the protest describe the media as a virus.

      On Christmas Day, Davison wrote on his Facebook page that in the new year, he and his friends who oppose vaccine passports will be calling out the media "for reading out a script".

      At the time, Davison claimed that the media are using a "brainwashing technique" employed by tyrants to "subdue the population". He declared that the purpose of the rally is to bring accountability back to broadcasting stations.

      On January 8, rallies are also planned outside Global News outlets in several other cities, as well as CBC Ottawa and CHEK-TV in Victoria.

      There are rallies planned on January 22 outside the City News radio station and on February 5 outside CTV News Vancouver.

      The activist plan to give the media notices of liability, which lay out many of the claims of those who oppose COVID-19 vaccines.

      For example, the notice alleges that PCR tests produce "97% false positives". That claim is commonly bandied about by people who think that COVID-19 is a hoax but it's disputed by the World Health Organization.

      McGill University biological scientist Jonathan Jarry also rejected that claim about false positives in an interview with CBC News. He told the national public broadcaster that the "97-percent" allegation is "rooted in a misunderstanding of how the tests work".

      "I'm not accusing other people of being dumb or stupid or ignorant. These are biases that we all have to deal with.... It's just part of being human," Jarry told CBC News.

      A notice of liability presented to the Straight last month mentions that Canada is a signatory to the Nuremberg Code, which states that voluntary informed consent is essential before performing medical experiments on human beings. Moreover, the notice claims that COVID-19 vaccines are still in clinical trials and therefore qualify as medical experiments. 

      "By endorsing and aggressively promoting the government's unlawful actions you are complicit and are at risk of vicarious liability as a result of committing tort, acting in bad faith, and wilful misconduct due to a reckless disregard for Canadian's [sic] safety, including my own, and failing to exercise reasonable care to prevent a known danger," it reads.