Flat Earther and COVID-19 denier Mak Parhar found dead in New Westminster home

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      One of B.C.'s brazen COVID-19 deniers has died after showing symptoms of the disease.

      Mak Parhar was found dead in a home in New Westminister, according to police.

      Last month while in his car, Parhar posted a video describing that he was suffering from a number of symptoms. They included a "rheumy sore throat" and hot and cold feelings. In the midst of that diatribe, he was also coughing and spitting phlegm out his driver's side window.

      But Parhar adamantly denied that he had "CONVID". That's because according to him, "CONVID doesnt exist".

      In a subsequent video, Parhar revealed that he took Invermectin, which is used to treat parasite infections. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has advised people not to take it to treat or prevent COVID-19.

      The cause of his death has not been disclosed.

      He first came to public attention when he was operating a yoga studio in North Delta. It was shut down after he claimed that the COVID-19 virus could not survive heat.

      In his final video posted on his Facebook page this week, Parhar expressed hope that he could cross the border in the future to attend a convention of Flat Earth believers in the United States. 

      In addition, he talked about taking a road trip across Canada with his puppy, mentioning that he has friends and family in Toronto.

      In the video Parhar also ranted about others in the movement for not being militant enough.

      He came across as quite perky, not showing the same degree of symptoms that were present in the October video, though he still coughed periodically.

      Parhar has been one of the more radical voices in the so-called "truther movement". In the past, he has publicly stated that the Holocaust is a hoax, claiming in one video that "Hitler was a good guy, maybe". He also visited Royal Columbian Hospital with a video camera to investigate the validity of COVID-19, drawing a sharp rebuke from Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth, who called him an "idiot".

      At the time of his death, Parhar was being tried in B.C. Supreme Court in New Westminster on three counts of violating  the federal quarantine legislation.