It's official: antivaxxer Chris Sky will #JamtheAirport at YVR, but not all fellow travellers in movement agree with the plan

One of those who opposes vaccine passports, vlogger Dan Dicks, calls it a "terrible idea"

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      Canada's most famous—and some might say most "notorious"—antivaccine crusader is hoping to make it difficult for people to get in and out of Canadian airports this weekend.

      Chris Sky is promoting a #JamtheAirport event at 3 p.m. on Sunday (November 7) at Vancouver International Airport.

      It's part of a national effort by opponents of vaccine protests to send a message to governments.

      "We're calling all cars, all trucks, calling all Canadian patriots," Sky said over Twitter. "Sunday, November 7, I don't care how you do it, get in your car, get in your truck, and get to your local international airport. We're going to jam the arrivals terminal."

      He said that this will be accomplished by driving a convoy slowly in the circle surrounding Canadian airports.

      Sky previously hinted on October 7 that this type of thing would happen.

      On November 4, he was more explicit about how this would unfold.

      That drew condemnation from B.C. vlogger Dan Dicks, who's spoken at rallies opposing vaccine passports.

      "This tweet from Chris Sky about #JamTheAirports is a terrible idea, a childish temper tantrum that will only inconvenience innocent people," Dicks wrote on Facebook. "This is no better than the SJW climate change extinction rebellion morons who block busy intersections! I’m sure my audience will see through this crap at least I hope so!"

      Dicks has publicly declared that he hasn't taken the COVID-19 vaccine, so he's a trusted voice among those who think COVID-19 is a government hoax designed to exert greater control over the populace. He has also publicly alleged that the government's goal is to impose martial law.

      His comment about Sky received a fair number of messages of support on his Facebook page from those who share his opposition to vaccine passports.

      This poster featuring Sky's photo is making the rounds over social media.

      But not everyone was impressed by Dicks's criticism of Sky.

      "By innocent people—you mean the ones that are all complying & obedient and participating in everyone's enslavement!?" wrote Vladislav Sobolev.

      Sobolev is founder of a group called We Are Essential, which has been agitating against COVID-19 lockdowns.

      Another activist who's spoken in favour of Sky's plan is Raoul Taylor van Haasert, who's previously described the history of the Second World War as a "lie".

      Sky is currently facing charges in Ontario for uttering threats against provincial politicians and for assaulting a police officer with his vehicle.

      None of the allegations against Sky has been proven in court

      Update: Chris Sky arrested in Calgary

      Late Sunday (November 7) afternoon, Sky tweeted that he was arrested by Calgary police when he participated in a jam-the-airport protest in that city.

      He said that he was kept in custody for 10 minutes before being released.