Keynote speaker at this weekend's Vancouver antimask rally, Chris Sky, charged with uttering death threats

Toronto police allege that the man also known as Chris Saccoccia declared an intention to shoot a member of the public and elected officials

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      On Sunday (May 23), the antimask movement is planning a huge event at Sunset Beach in Vancouver's West End. But the keynote speaker, Chris Sky, a.k.a. Chris Saccoccia, is currently in serious legal trouble.

      That's because he's been charged with three counts of uttering death threats, assault of a peace officer with a weapon, and dangerous operation of a conveyance, according to a Toronto Police Service news release.

      Today, Sky turned himself into police and appeared in College Park Court.

      It's unclear whether he'll be able to travel to Vancouver.

      Police allege that on May 12, Sky "threatened to shoot people several times over the phone". Among those were elected officials, police stated.

      When police showed up at a York Region address to arrest him, the man hopped into his vehicle.

      After police attempted to block him from leaving and an officer got out of the car, "the man reversed and then drove directly at the officer, causing him to jump out of the way to avoid being hit".

      None of the allegations have been proven in court.

      Sky also appeared at a so-called "Freedom Rally" in Vancouver on April 20.

      To date, Vancouver police have not fined organizers of antimask rallies in opposition to public health orders, unlike the RCMP in Kelowna.

      In January, some B.C. nurses posted an online petition expressing dismay over the VPD refusal to issue $2,300 fines under the COVID-19 Related Measures Act.