Novak Djokovic turned away from Australia following controversy over COVID-19 vaccination status

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      A 20-time Grand Slam winner will not play in this year's Australian Open.

      Novak Djokovic was denied entry into the country today after arriving at an airport in Melbourne.

      According to the Times, Djokovic could not pass through the passport-control area.

      This came "after a member of his support team made a critical mistake in requesting a sub-class of visa that does not apply to those who have received medical exemptions from a Covid-19 vaccine".

      Djokovic has never disclosed whether or not he's been vaccinated against COVID-19.

      State officials had previously given Djokovic assurances that he could participate in the Australian Open, which begins on January 17.

      The exemption rom any check infuriated many Australians, who've endured some of the toughest COVID-19 lockdowns in the world.

      The growing anger prompted Australia's prime minister, Scott Morrison, to declare that there would be no special rules for Djokovic.