Ottawa police arrest vaccine-mandate protest organizers Tamara Lich and Chris Barber

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      Two of the key organizers of a three-week vaccine-mandate protest in Ottawa have been taken into custody.

      Police arrested Tamara Lich and Chris Barber.

      They are among the defendants in a lawsuit filed by lawyer Paul Champ, who's hoping to have it certified as a class action on behalf of Ottawa residents.

      Lich organized the GoFundMe account that raised more than $10 million for the Freedom Convoy 2022. The fundraising drive has since been removed from the platform

      That came after police suggested that some of the people had brought guns to the protest.

      The convoy has an explicit aim to secure the ouster of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the elimination of all vaccine mandates across the country.

      Lich was formerly on the board of the Maverick Party but she resigned earlier this month.

      Last night, Lich delivered a teary speech on social media saying it's inevitable that she would be going to jail.

      "I'm okay with that and I want you to know that I'm not afraid," she said.

      Meanwhile, one of the early organizers, Pat King, delivered another rant on Facebook, this time about NDP and Liberal politicians who are supporting the Emergencies Act.