Photos of Nuremberg hangings included in liability notices for employers, health officials, media, judiciary, and unions

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      There's already been an uproar over a recent rally at the B.C. legislature where politicians were hanged in effigy.

      The hazmat-dressed dummies, featuring photos top NDP government officials, were suspended in nooses during a protest against vaccine passports.

      That rally was held on the 75th anniversary of the start of Nuremberg Tribunal trial of doctors accused of atrocities under the Nazis.

      Now, critics of measures to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus have once again brought up Nazi imagery. It comes in a warning to government officials, government agencies, health officials, employers, union executives, the media, and the judiciary.

      A so-called "Notice of Liability" regarding mandatory vaccinations and all COVID-19 mandates features photos of people being hanged after being convicted at the Nazi war-crime tribunal.

      "Members of the Media who lied and misled the German People were executed, right along with Medical Doctors and Nurses who participated in medical experiments using living people as guinea pigs," a statement reads under one of the photos. "Those who forget the past are condemned to relive it."

      The notice makes the following claims:

      1. "There has never been any proven covid-19 pandemic because government has never released and refuses to release the data that would prove there was a covid-19 pandemic."

      2. "The Emergency Health Act is of no force or effect because there is no proven covid-19 pandemic. Instead, what we have now are covid-19 injection injuries and fatalities pandemic. The data collected from PCR test reflects influenza and the common cold not covid-19."

      Dr. Daniel Nagase was one of two B.C. physicians who spoke at the December 9 rally.

      Notice prepared by paralegal

      According to one of the critics of vaccine passports, Danielle Kinchella-Pistilli, this notice of liability was written by a B.C. paralegal.

      In the past, Kinchella-Pistilli has alleged that six people own all the media in the world—and according to her, they all report to billionaire financier George Soros.

      Soros is often the target of antisemitic conspiracy theories, according to the ADL. For example, Soros conspiracy theories were linked to 39 percent of all antisemitic tweets from July 23, 2020 to August 22, 2020 targeting Jewish incumbents seeking reelection to Congress.

      Kinchella-Pistilli did not identify the paralegal in the liability notice, which is on her Facebook page.

      "This may very well be the most impactful NOL I have seen to date," she wrote. "If the visual doesn’t slap your employer in the face for a wake up call, I don’t know what will!"

      The Law Society of B.C. does not regulate or license paralegals.

      "It is the role and responsibility of lawyers to supervise paralegals, including designated paralegals," the law society states on its website. "They must decide whether a paralegal has the skills, training and good character to perform the enhanced functions allowed for designated paralegals. Ultimately, lawyers are professionally and legally responsible for all work delegated to paralegals. Lawyers are also accountable to the Law Society in the event of a complaint or indemnity claim stemming from a designated paralegal’s work."