Raging Dissident Jeremy MacKenzie's pal Chris Lysak charged with conspiracy to commit murder

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      The RCMP's recent arrests at the Coutts border protest have caught the attention of those who oppose right-wing hate groups.

      That's because one of those arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder is Chris Lysak.

      He's also charged with uttering threats, possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose, and mischief over $5,000.

      Lysak is an associate of Jeremy MacKenzie, the self-described Plaid Army "Raging Dissident" who's been whipping up public support for the demonstrations in Ottawa.

      MacKenzie, a former Canadian soldier in Afghanistan, was charged earlier this month with weapons offences in Nova Scotia.

      In the past, MacKenzie has claimed that there's a race war underway in America and has shown off a copy of Devon Stack's The Day of the Rope. 

      This novel takes its name from an event in another novel, The Turner Diaries, in which white supremacists take over California and engage in mass lynchings of race traitors.

      In a recent social-media post, MacKenzie said that the people charged in the Alberta RCMP raids are "not bad guys".

      "I know they're not bad people," he reiterated. "You know, we got to have each other's back. If we can't do that, we've got nothing."

      In a recent Instagram post, MacKenzie slammed two spokespeople for the Truckers Convoy 2022—former People's Party of Canada candidate B.J. Dichter and former Liberal Party of Canada activist Dagny Pawlak.

      "You're losing leverage every time these people open their mouths or do anything," MacKenzie said.

      He also accused them of intentionally "sowing confusion and disinformation".


      In the past, MacKenzie has claimed that the Nuremberg Trials of former Nazi war criminals were a "kangaroo court".

      The Canadian Anti-Hate Network once reported that MacKenzie advised people who share his beliefs to consider vandalizing journalists' cars and vehicles instead of simply uttering "no comment" in response to questions.