Vancouver police pose with antimasker who once declared that George Soros controls all the world's media

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      As of this writing, a nonscientific online poll on shows that 80 percent think the Vancouver police should be ticketing organizers of antimask protests.

      Police in Vancouver, however, have chosen not to do this, unlike the Mounties in Kelowna. And on the weekend, two VPD members were photographed with an antimask activist who has made outlandish claims in the past.

      Danielle Kinchella-Pistilli purported last December that six people own all the media in the world—and they all report to billionaire George Soros.

      "This puppeteer controls the entire narrative," she claimed, invoking a centuries-old far-right slur against Jews. "He and the sick bastards that report to him have an awful agenda to control all of us and to also depopulate the planet."

      Kinchella-Pistilli's photo elicited positive comments from those who share her opposition to public health orders.

      "Love them for standing with the people," wrote Diane Armitage.

      Susan Standfield declared that Kinchella-Pistilli should print the image for her grandchildren.

      To learn more about the extremist views of Vancouver's antimask protest organizers, visit