West Vancouver councillor Peter Lambur apologizes in open letter for travelling to California during the pandemic

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      West Vancouver councillor Peter Lambur issued the following letter about a trip he took to California:

      In response to the controversy surrounding my recent travels to the United States, I want to take this opportunity to explain my actions and extend apologies to those I have offended.

      At issue is compliance with the provincial recommendations regarding non-essential travel.

      This has been and continues to be strongly discouraged and as an elected official there is an expectation that I would observe public health orders and lead by example.

      From the outset of the pandemic, I have stayed close to home seldom venturing beyond the North Shore since March of last year.

      In early December, I cancelled a previously planned trip to Whistler on the advice that all British Columbians should recreate locally within the region where they reside.  However, later that month I had planned to travel to California for a long-anticipated visit to meet my 6-month-old granddaughter for the first time.

      I monitored conditions at my destination in the weeks leading up to my departure and took care to plan my trip to minimize risk of COVID-19 exposure. I complied with Provincial protocols and precautions and Govt. of Canada rules and travel advisories.  At the end of it all, I had to plan for a mandatory 14 day quarantine period (now in my 9th day).

      While I planned my travels with safety as my uppermost concern, I neglected to consider how, in my role as a local government elected official, my actions might be viewed by you, West Van residents, particularly given a worsening environment fraught with frustration as pandemic metrics continue to stubbornly resist improvement.

      In retrospect, I see this as a lapse of judgement and apologize to those who are upset and angered by my decision to travel when many of you put your own plans on hold.  I am sincerely sorry.

      Moving forward, please understand that I remain committed to doing my part to support our Mayor and Council and District staff in their efforts to ensure a safe and secure environment for everyone in West Vancouver.

      And when circumstances permit, I look forward to being able to meet in person again.  In closing, I don’t think it is inappropriate to recall Dr. Bonnie Henry and her essential advice: Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe.