Nisga'a school district will keep schools closed despite B.C. Ministry of Education's call for partial reopening on June 1

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      Not every school district in B.C. is going to offer parents the option of allowing their kids to return to the classroom on a part-time basis on June 1.

      Joe Rhodes, superintendent of the Nisga'a school district in northwestern B.C., acknowledged in an open letter that the B.C. government plan offers an opportunity for children from kindergarten to Grade 5 to receive direct instruction for up to 50 percent of the school week. 

      It also allows students from Grade 6 to 12 to return to school for direct instruction for one day a week, starting June 1.

      However, Rhodes added, the Board of Education School District 92, which is on Nisga'a territory, "will not move forward with increased opening of schools at this time".

      This came after a "strong recommendation" from the Nisga'a Emergency Preparedness Committee, Nisga'a Valley Health, the Nisga'a Lisims Government, and village governments.

      There are three elementary schools and one elementary-secondary school in the district.

      Meanwhile, the B.C. Teachers' Federation is planning to host two telephone town halls next week so that the president, Teri Mooring, and a vice president, Clint Johnston, can discuss the government's plan with the membership.

      Mooring tweeted that the BCTF has worked to ensure the "highest standards" of health and safety. She noted that there are concerns around the availability of personal protective equipment like masks.

      However, she also stated over Twitter that there are "some strong measures around physical distancing, reduced class sizes, cleanliness, and other safety measures that are proven to be effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19".

      The former president of the B.C. Teachers' Federation, Glen Hansman, supported the provincial government's approach after it came under fire over Twitter.

      Here are some of the other comments being shared.