Reaching out to exes a popular coronavirus pastime

Survey from sex toy firm Lelo also shows roughly half of people in relationships living alone during the pandemic have joined dating apps or sites

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      By Natalia Manzocco

      Whether you're single or separated from that special someone, the skin hunger that comes with social distancing is making people do some pretty dubious stuff.

      According to a new survey, roughly one-third of people—whether they're single or taken but living alone—have reached out to an ex during the pandemic.

      Sex toy brand Lelo surveyed 1,000 singles and 1,000 people in relationships (who are not quarantining with their partner) in the U.S. They found that one-third of respondents in a relationship and 37 percent of singles have slid into the DMs of a former flame since the pandemic started.

      In case you're curious: Facebook was the most popular way to connect with an ex (61 percent), followed by WhatsApp (48 percent), Twitter (47 percent), and the old-fashioned way over the phone (46 percent).

      Of those people in relationships who've reconnected with an ex, a whopping 54 percent say this new connection has them feeling sparks again.

      The pandemic also seems to be bad news for monogamists; 42 percent of respondents in relationships have downloaded a dating app since the start of COVID-19, while an eyebrow-raising 52 percent have signed up for a dating website.

      Unsurprisingly, 67 percent of respondents said social distancing has intensified their desire for physical contact.

      Even less surprising: Lelo reports their sales are up 185 percent over this time last year. (If you're in the market yourself, might we suggest our guide to sex in self-isolation?)