COVID-19 world updates: As Canada continues reopening, USA hits highest number of new cases since April

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      June 25:

      While the World Health Organization previously reported earlier this week that the global pandemic count reached a record high of new cases for a single day, the United States—which has had the most confirmed cases in the world during the pandemic—also recorded a troubling new record.

      On June 24, the U.S. reported 45,557 new cases, the highest number for a single day since April 26.

      After a downward trend in the number of daily cases in the U.S. until the end of May, new case numbers have been on the upswing since early June.

      Today, the U.S. reported over 34,000 new cases.

      Over the past week, U.S. health officials have linked spikes in Oregon, Arizona, Florida, and other western and southern states to ending lockdowns and Memorial Day.

      A church in northeast Oregon is linked to an outbreak involving about 236 people, which represents about 90 percent cases in Union County.

      The Lighthouse Pentecostal Church reportedly held services in person prior to the lifting of public gathering restrictions. The gatherings allegedly involved singing, dancing, lack of physical distancing, and handshaking.

      As European Union nations reopen their borders to travel by July 1, EU officials are considering banning U.S. travellers. U.S. President Donald Trump had previously banned European travellers from visiting America.

      As of today, the U.S. has had a cumulative total of almost 2,410,300 cases and almost 122,500 deaths.

      Meanwhile in Canada, several regions are entering new phases of their reopening plans, including British Columbia and parts of Ontario.

      Four Atlantic provinces—Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, and Newfoundland and Labrador—have entered an agreement to create a travel bubble that will open after Canada Day (July 1).

      On July 3, these provinces will open their borders to all travellers within these provinces without quarantine requirements. Travellers from elsewhere in Canada must follow local entry requirements.

      Canada has had a cumulative total of approximately 104,100 cases and over 8,500 deaths.


      Johns Hopkins University

      Pandemic is accelerating as world hits highest number of new cases

      June 23:

      Just as the World Health Organization warned that the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating, major surges in case numbers around the world have been surpassing troubling milestones.

      “The world is in a new and dangerous phase,” WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus had stated during a news briefing from Geneva on June 19. 

      The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that over 183,000 new cases were reported on June 21—the highest number for a single day.

      That number broke a record made only a few days before on June 18 when 150,000 cases were reported.

      The total cumulative number of cases worldwide surpassed the nine-million mark, reaching upwards of 9,154,000 cases and approximately 473,700 deaths.

      Hotspots fuelling the massive numbers of new cases have been the United States, Brazil, and India.

      The U.S. has had almost 2,324,000 cases and is approaching 121,000 deaths, which is about one-quarter of reported deaths worldwide.

      In the week ending on June 21, the U.S. witnessed a 25 percent increase in new cases as 25 states reported more new cases than the previous week, and Arizona, Texas, and Florida logged record numbers of new cases.

      CNN has reported that a new study estimates that up to 8.7 million Americans, who reported influenza-like symptoms but did not receive testing due to a lack of testing kits at the time, may have had COVID-19 in March but were never diagnosed.

      Brazil became the second country to surpass the one-million case mark—it has had approximately 1,106,500 cases and about 51,300 deaths. Actual numbers could be much higher due to underreporting and a lack of widespread testing.

      Russia has had approximately 600,000 cases and over 8,300 deaths. Although Russia's low death toll has been repeatedly questioned by critics, Russia maintains its numbers are accurate.

      India, which has been lifting its three-month lockdown, has had over 440,200 cases and over 14,000 deaths. Numbers could be higher due to uncertainty about reporting in rural areas.

      In addition to Brazil, two other South American countries have been steadily rising and are now closing in on the United Kingdom, which has had the fifth most cases world with almost 308,000 cases and over 43,000 deaths—the third largest number of fatalities in the world.

      Peru has had approximately 257,500 cases and over 8,200 deaths while Chile is closely following with about 250,800 cases and over 4,500 deaths.

      Both have surpassed former hotspots Spain and Italy, as the major region of concern has shifted from Europe to the Americas.

      Canada has had over 103,600 cases and over 8,500 deaths.

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