Yogi Mak Parhar posts defiant video after Solicitor General Mike Farnworth calls him an idiot for COVID-19 denial

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      There's a new installment in the ongoing battle between a North Delta COVID-19 denier and the B.C. government.

      Last month, Mak Parhar's studio on 120 Street was shut down after its email blast claimed that hot yoga could kill the novel coronavirus.

      Since then, Parhar has livestreamed video of him ignoring physical-distancing rules in a final meetup with clients in his studio.

      He also posted video of him entering Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster to investigate the validity of COVID-19.

      That drew a stinging rebuke from Solicitor General Mike Farnworth, who called Parhar a "narcissistic, self-centred idiot" in a Global TV interview.

      That brought on another Parhar video last night, in which he denounced "covidiots" whom he accused of spreading fear.

      Video: Mak Parhar's newest video shows him behind the wheel condemning the media and the government.

      "Are we going to stand for these blatant lies in the media and the government, calling us names, and trying to suppress the truth?" Parhar says as he's behind the wheel. "Are they just stooges that think they're doing the right thing? That believe in the virus.

      "Sure, some of them are, like that reporter," he continued. "But some of these people, they know what's up. They know the truth. They know it's a hoax. They know it's a drill. They want to keep the sheep in line."

      Parhar's video was posted several hours after the provincial health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, revealed that there have been 35 deaths linked to COVID-19 in B.C.

      Another 146 people British Columbians are in hospital with the disease, including 64 who are in intensive care.

      According to Henry, 673 of the 1,174 confirmed cases have recovered in B.C.

      Parhar says in his latest video that he welcomes a police investigation.

      "If they want to make an example out of me, call me names and all that, come after me, threaten me, threaten me with charges and fines," he states defiantly. "I didn't break any laws. What laws did I break? That's what this satanic agenda wants to do—suppress, make us slaves.

      "I don't consent. I do not consent. Leave me the fuck alone. Let me live my life. Stop infringing on my rights," Parhar continues. "Stop stealing my money. I'm driving home. Let me drive home. You want to pull me over? Try to extort money from me—all these fees, all these regulations, this licence, that licence, comply with this, comply with that, live in fear, being in a hamster wheel nonstop—sorry, that's not what life's about. I do not consent."

      There have been more than 1.15 million confirmed cases of COVD-19 around the world. More than 61,000 have died of the disease.

      On April 3, Ontario premier Doug Ford warned residents of his province that up to 15,000 people may succumb to COVID-19 by the time the pandemic runs its course.

      In February, Parhar talked openly about his belief that the Earth is flat in YouTube interview.

      He confessed that this point of view has lost him some friends over the years.

      "But I'm standing for the truth," he declared.

      Video: Yogi Mak Parhar says his unconventional views on the shape of the Earth has cost him some friends.