De Genova family jumps fence to Vision

The family of suspended park board commissioner Allan De Genova has jumped the fence to Vision Vancouver, but the veteran NPA hand is being coy about his political future.

“I offered to fundraise for the next event [on October 26],”  daughter Melissa De Genova told the Straight at the Vision Vancouver annual general meeting. “In my opinion, it was something that I wanted to be a part of.” 

The ultimate fate of the 13-year NPA member is still not known, though he told the Straight he will be “preparing a statement”  by the end of November, once his six-month suspension””meted out by Mayor Sam Sullivan in May””has elapsed. (Melissa was volunteer coordinator during Sullivan's September 2005 nomination race against former B.C. Liberal cabinet minister Christy Clark.)

“I can tell you I know what the statement will say,”  De Genova said by phone. “But it wouldn't be fair to divulge that yet.” 

De Genova's other daughter, Emily, joined Melissa and their mother, Wendy Field, at the inaugural Vision AGM, held at the Chinese Cultural Centre on East Pender Street on October 16. Standing in the foyer after the meeting, Field confirmed all three had joined Vision Vancouver.

Allan De Genova said he supports his family in their choice, adding they have been known to disagree with his votes at park board. This includes the recent vote to remove a requirement for a referendum to expand the footprint of the Vancouver aquarium.

“They're showing that they're in nobody's pocket,”  he said. “They go with their beliefs.” 

Also jumping to Vision was 2005 NPA campaign manager Greg Wilson, brother of former NPA park board chair Duncan Wilson. The NPA was to have its annual dinner on October 18, after the Straight?'s press time.