Galen Felde

Studio # 404, 321 Railway / Railtown Studios


What is your medium of choice and why?

I've focused primarily on painting for many years, initially choosing oils for their depth and ability to render detail and subtle shifts in palette, but the combination of their long curing time and my relatively slow process, would often cause the flow of ideas to stall and lose momentum.  Hoping to replicate the richness of oils, I began to experiment with a range of acrylic media.   The shift proved beneficial, especially for fluidity of expression, but I feel the larger gain was incidental.  - By circumstance and out of necessity, I learned to experiment and explore, - essential skills for creating stronger, more dynamic work. 

Where do you find your inspiration?

So much of my work evolves in an interior manner, while sifting through core truths. Most often, I’m compelled by our shifting perceptions, loss and the mutability of memory, our enigmatic negotiation with each other and ourselves …and especially, the chronically underplayed importance of our overtaxed host, nature.

What new works will you have at the crawl?

An organic shift this year, - I’ve devoted a large portion of my studio to the second phase of my installation PLEXUS. This exhibit combines painting, construction, photography and video. Although I’ve employed diverse tools to express my ideas, I think the work will be easily recognizable as mine, if you’re familiar with my painting. I’m just granting it a third dimension! The process has been great fuel for all aspects of my work. I’m looking forward sharing it with everyone!

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