Galen Felde, Aurelia Bizouard

#404 & #409 - 321 Railway / Railtown Studios (A4)

Which media are you working with?

Aurélia: My artworks are created with the reverse painting technique on glass panel. I work with acrylic, also using light projection and shattered glass.

Galen:  I work primarily in acrylic on wood panel. I'll also be exhibiting photography this year.

What new works will you have at the Crawl?

Aurélia: All my work is devoted to a metaphor for life. I will be showing the new collection Oxygen, Human Soul, Eve, Horizon, Paris Influence, and Lumiere. I will offer interactive art for visitors to finish a light live painting on canvas on the wall, at the entrance of the gallery, among other artists art displays, I will have a projection of the artwork From Darkness to Light.

Galen: The majority of my work this year will be new. Indelible (acrylic on panel, detail above), will be part of 321 Railway’s multi-artist Preview Exhibit in our Main Floor Ice Box Gallery during the Crawl. 

What's your favourite thing about the Crawl?

Aurélia: Connecting people with art and being able to immerse them into the art and the philosophy behind it.

Galen: Unlimited possibilities. As an artist, you are at the helm of your own vision, and how you'll realize it. The event offers a rich open platform for communication and connection.

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