Jenn Brisson

Gore Studios (Kim Heng Noodles) - 617 Gore Avenue

What is your medium of choice and why? 

I have been using spray paint and acrylic for a while now for most pieces. I love how quick and fun spray paint is to apply. It adds texture in so many ways and allows me to be loose. When applying acrylic, it brings me in and forces me to work more tight and precise. Since I am such a busy body, spray paint and acrylic also allow me to move through my process faster.

Where do you find your inspiration? 

I find a lot of inspiration through nature (fauna and flora, Mother Nature herself), outer space (what other worlds are out there), my imagination (childhood stories/dreams and creatures I wish to see in real life), Deities(rulers of other dimensions) and decay (what happens when we are gone?).

What new works will you have at the crawl?

I have been fascinated with moths and have been illustrating them with ink and watercolour. I hope to have more of these little winged buddies up during the Crawl. I also have a few new skateboard pieces (it’s been awhile since I’ve painted on one), inspired by my recent trip to Sicily, where I had the opportunity to paint on the walls of an ancient village.

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