Joanne Probyn Studio

Culture Crawl Studio #311, 1823 East Georgia,

What is your medium of choice and why? 

Acrylic is a versatile, water-based paint that extends into textured mediums which all work well with my mixed-media, Sewn Open Series. I’m inspired by kintsugi (a Japanese ceramics technique that fills breakage with gold). Similarly, I develop cracks and cuts and repair my work with thread and gold foil to enhance imperfections and honor history. I love exploring the expressive, sculptural potential of painting! I also use mixed media such as heirloom lace, paper, string, and thread.

 Where do you find your inspiration? 

I draw inspiration from my emotional and physical experiences; my art communicates with the intimacy of a journal. I also garner influence from abstract to post-impressionist painting styles as well kintsugi, a Japanese ceramic technique. My passion for social justice and my experiences working in healthcare and overcoming cancer have helped my shape values, intuition and compassion while leading my practice towards messages of unity, love, and resilience.

What new works will you have at the crawl?

I've been working tirelessly towards my Crawl show for over eight months, with the exception of a mural collaboration and the exploration of a new series (more on that later). This event marks my first Crawl and exhibition of the entire Sewn Open Series to date. I will also feature a curated selection of paintings that highlight key works from my Illumination Series and a draw-prize giveaway.

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