Karen Lorena Parker

Culture Crawl Studio 215, 1000 Parker Street

Karen Lorena Parker showcases the FeminineWild, political vignettes and massive whimsical landscapes at the culture crawl this year. Visit Studio 215 at the 1000 Parker Street collective..

What new work will you have at the Crawl?

Floating, weightless florals, massive landscape commissions are on view in my private studio. My interest in the feminine continues as I pursue the dreamy tension of our powerful subconscious.

Where do you find inspiration?

I research dignity, humanity, hope. Survivor stories that exemplify grace of humanity. Our kindness, striving to find hope in our darkest moments, we float for a milli-moment. Our subconscious already made the choice. My challenge is making this intangible interest, into art.

When’s your favourite time to create?

When the evening is quiet and the music is loud — I love working at night. When the chores of the day are done and I don’t feel the pressure of deadlines. But as a professional artist, you can’t wait for FavouriteTime. You show up like any job, and put your hours in as best you can, because time doesn’t matter when it is FavouriteWork.

What is your favorite thing about the crawl?

I’m a Scorpio -- I always want an honest reaction. Something you can’t hide. If there is no “wow” response, then I paint over my work and start again. I have a lot of canvasses, and many paintings with hidden gems. 

What influences your work?

Pulpfiction and current events remind me how complex the world is and the role visual media plays. My life as a parent, the accessibility of incredibly talented artists and the desire to contribute to society are incredible motivators.

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