Karen Lorena Parker, Artist and Matte Painter

#215-1000 Parker Street (D3)

Karen Lorena Parker is at studio 215 in the Parker building. A long space that shows off her large, new works. Parker's figurative pieces within these grand landscapes demonstrate her interest in what cultivates personal heroes.

Lions Game (left, 80" x 80") shows a view from West Vancouver as children enjoy nature amongst the inner city.

What new work will you have at the Crawl?

Aspirations (right, 80" x 80") is based on Mae Jemison, the first black astronaut. It explores what inspired a girl to dream of being an astronaut, and asks how her environment influenced her.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration in other people's stories. I love the hopeful, ideal drive of youth, and the branding of Canada as a peaceful nurturing nation; the Id and the Superego. I work primarily with acrylic paint, and show the symbiotic nature of figure within our cultural, political, and natural landscape.

What's your favourite thing about the Crawl?

It is an incredible way to recognize how your work impacts another. We get to see fresh faces for my third year, and connect with art lovers very differently than in a gallery space.

What's your medium of choice and why?

I am a trained illustrator, matte painter, concept artist and painter. So I enjoy many mediums, but have loved the layering techniques of acrylic paint. The best thing about acrylic is that it dries fast, and the worst thing about acrylic is that it dries fast. This has allowed me to rework paintings and layer them as my mistakes dry quickly!

I also enjoy character studies and work with a digital tablet to create timelapse drawings, where clients can see my process take form. This helps a lot with commissions and designers in the preliminary idea stage.