Katsumi Kimoto

Parker Street Studios - Culture Crawl Studio 108 - 1000 Parker St, Vancouver

What is your medium(s) of choice and why? 

My medium of choice is fluid acrylic on panel with an art resin top coat. I are use fluid acrylics because they are highly pigmented and have a low viscosity. This makes them perfect in my practice for pouring and mixing wet on wet, and they don’t get muddy as quickly as paint out of the tube. I work on panel because I paint flat, so my wet work doesn’t drip, and neither will the paint nor resin pool in the middle of the piece, as it would on canvas. The resin also brings the wet look back to the acrylic, giving it great saturation and depth!

What have you been working on since last year’s crawl?

In last years Crawl I did a series of skulls, this year I’ve done a few skulls, but have added a lot more. I’ve also completed a series of medium to large scale waves and ocean abstracts, a series of small Koi Fish and a few anchor paintings.

What’s your favourite thing about working in your studio?

My favourite thing about working in my studio, other than the fact that it’s my man cave and the place where my wife sends everything she doesn’t want in the house. Is that I can leave it messy, I can do resin pours without worrying about the odour and I can spill paint on the floor (which I leave for people to see during the Crawl). I can also crank my music until the wee hours of the morning without disturbing a soul. It’s private and it’s my place to create! I guess there are a few things I love about my studio!

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