Art Against Stigma

Studio #E15 -1784 East Hastings Street


Which mediums are the artists in the studio working with? 

Watercolour, Photoshop, Acrylic, Oil, Crafts – ceramics, pottery, kids toys, art cards & buttons. The largest piece is: 5’ x 4’ and the smallest is 8 x 10 with a collection of 100 pieces featuring city street scenes by artist Leef Evans, augmented print on wood panes.

What new work can people see at your studio at this year’s crawl?

90% of the work hasn’t been exhibited at all before, be surprised by the range and depth of the art!

What brought the artists in the studio together? 

All the artists have a mental health disability and are inspired to contribute to the biggest “outsider” art show in the city.

How does working in a shared space affect your work? Have you drawn any inspiration from your studio mates?

The show provides each and every artist the opportunity to appreciate and be inspired by each others work.

What’s your favourite thing about the Crawl? 

Bringing the larger community into a mental health space to appreciate the amazing creative abilities, not disabilities, of a wide range of artists. The show helps to fight stigma against mental illness.

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