Lawrence Lowe, Drawing, Jewellery and Printmaking

#352-1000 Parker St (D3)

What's your medium of choice and why?

Ink drawings on the surface of natural materials such as wood, elk antler, elk hide and stones. Each material has a unique texture, colour, and surface which inspires the images that I create.

Where do you find your inspiration?

The heart of my work lies in the beauty of the detail I find in the natural world. Hours spent with a pen or a carving tool take me inside myself where I find a focussed place of meditation, a place where I can create and be who I am. Trees from trips around the world have fascinated me, the cypress and olive trees of Italy, the silk and cotton of Cambodia, the liveoak of New Orleans, to name a few. This where I find my creative soul.

What new pieces will you have at the Crawl?

My newest endeavour is jewellery; simple hand drawn elk antler pendants on a black waxed cord.  It all started when a high school teacher of mine visited my studio and we talked about my desire to work in a scrimshaw style. He brought me some elk antlers the next week and the jewellery idea blossomed from there.  I love the long process of creating these pieces- from the cutting, grinding, sanding and then the drawing stage. The fact that the elk are also loosing their antlers every year allows for a sustainable practice and makes the outcome feel more rewarding. 

Where's your favourite hangout during the Crawl?

There isn't much time to hangout during the Crawl, but when I do get a chance it has to be close, so I visit studios at 1000 Parker and the Mergatroid Building across the street. I have so many talented neighbours! 

What's your favourite snack or drink when you're working?

My favourite food is whatever my wonderful family brings me during the Crawl.