Lisa Ochowycz

Red Door Studio located inside the Mergatroid Building, #230-975 Vernon Drive.

What is your medium of choice and why? 

Large-scale abstract acrylic paintings on panel and delicate gestural works on paper in acrylic ink. The paintings combine multiple layers (typically 15 or so) of paint building up imagery and subtlety within the piece. The fast drying tendency of acrylic paint is perfect for this. For the works on paper I work with acrylic ink where the delicate nature of the medium sits so beautiful on the cotton based paper. Pure joy!

Where do you find your inspiration?

The colour palettes, compositions, and mark making in Hawks Series (named after a street in Strathcona) are translations of daily meanderings through the urban environment, and hikes on the North Shore. The beauty and fragility of the northern environment is at the core of my IAOTA (In Anticipation of the Arctic) series. Classical music is the inspiration for IIWAM (If I Were a Musician) in which the notes and mood visually dance across the page.

What new works will you have at the crawl?

In the studio I am often surprised by the beauty and spontaneous compositions on the peripheral edge of my painting practice; say, the way the palette looks after a day of painting. I am very excited to share a new series of photographs, IIIWAI (If I Were an Island), which showcase whimsical and beautiful worlds that happen by chance via my water bucket. I look forward to sharing them, my new paintings, and my studio with you!

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