Lisa Ochowycz, Painter and Photographer

#230-975 Vernon Drive (D5)

What's your medium of choice and why?

Currently my work can be summed at as the 3Ps. Paper, painting, and photography
The paper work is about the essence of the experience, be it a walk in the mountains, the viewing of icebergs in a bay, or listening to a piece of classical music. I find the experience of working on paper very freeing stretching my artistic practice to explore space and balance within a composition as well as the dance between spontaneity and precision in the brushstrokes. This then informs my larger paintings on panels, which consist of layer up layer of paint and mark making referencing memory and place. My photowork combines the space and aesthetic of the paperwork with the concept of memory (not all the information is kept) and the imprint of experience. All three mediums are deeply connected each informing the other.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Bike rides to the studio, far off landscapes, the ever shifting light and greys that cloak Vancouver in the winter. The sum of all these experiences lay at the base of my work a which revolves around translation, and the imprint of social and geographical experience on memory.

What's your favourite new creation that will be in your studio at the Crawl?

I am really excited to show a series of photographs (Traces) taken locally which build on the series I started during my residency in Iceland last year. I am also delighted to share the evolution of Hawks (named after a street in Strathcona) series with the everyone. 

Describe your studio space a little – is it more minimal and contained, or is it sprawling?

My studio is a little gem perched on top of the Mergatroid Building. There are only two studios located on the roof and it is a delightful place to make work. I am a minimalist who likes organization so you will see that my stuido reflects this. Having a place for all my brushes, paint, etc. sets the stage for me to be free and spontaneous in my creative process.

What's your favourite snack or drink when you're working?

Earl grey tea with just the right amount of milk and sugar. I can drink it endlessly!