Lori Sokoluk

Redsokil Arts - C8 Paneficio Studios, 800 Keefer Street

Medium of Choice:

I use acrylic paint and a variety of drawing media to create a sense of patina and mystery. I apply acrylic paint in thin veils that partially obscure, partially reveal what is beneath. Drawing tools on my work table include graphite, water-soluble graphite, lithograph crayon, and others. Water-solubility adds a wonderful new realm of expression to drawing.


“PortTown”, my current work, reflects my architectural background. I am inspired by cities: how they shift and change over time, how we perceive them, and the big stories they reflect. In particular, the port is a territorial edge that is fought over by industry, national security, high-priced condo developers, environmentalists, nature lovers, and the people and animals who have inhabited this area for millennia. It’s utilitarian, beautiful, and a battle ground.

New Works:

You’ll see 8’ tall mylar installation pieces, 8”x8” paintings, and everything in between! I’ll be showing numerous large panel works created this year, mid-sized paintings, a variety of smaller work in the $100-$200 price range, plus art notebooks and cards. I have also a limited series of original work specifically created and specially priced for the Crawl: these are 10”x10” triptychs that build on my photography.

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