Robert Dewey - Lighting Designer

Culture Crawl Studio #115, 1000 Parker Street

What is your medium of choice and why?

I work primarily with wood and light. I’m fascinated by the diversity of wood; every piece of wood has its own distinct characteristics and needs to be worked in different ways according to its individual nature. By illuminating the sculptures with LED lighting technology, each piece emanates light and reveals its unique history and beauty.

Where do you find your inspiration? 

The spark for new ideas comes from a constant drive to explore and discover different paths. Inspiration can strike when I’m on my mountain bike in the back country and seeing the contrasts between the intricacy of tiny mosses and the majesty of stands of massive trees. It also comes from seeking out new ways to solve problems and through striving to achieve the greatest effect through the simplest of structures.

What new works will you have at the crawl?

It’s been an interesting year exploring contrasts and geometries, and digging into the tensions between big and complex and small and simple. The results are my Conic and Cylindric designs. Cylindric is about stasis and Conic is about expansion and contraction. I’ll be showing Conical 8, an 8’ tall light sculpture originally designed for the late and great Vancouver architect, John Perkins Sr., and my newest design, Cylindric, which reimagines tube lighting.

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