Studio 350

#350-1000 Parker Street (D3)

Studio 350, home to “Creative Space”, is one of the original studio spaces in 1000 Parker. It is a large, multi-studio space with 7+ individual artists and a communal area where ideas are shared and the artists can catch up over a coffee or beer. “We love the energy and comradery here and although we all have different schedules, we support each other, which breaks up that sense of isolation.” Among the visual artists in this studio are Elizabeth Topham, who works in oil paint and has been here for the last 7 years; sculptor Lynn Falconer, who works in bronze and has been a part of the studio for 6 years; Claire Sower, who works in acrylic and oil paints and has been in the studio for 2 years; and Audra Ricketts, who also works in acrylic and oil paints and has been here for 1 year.