Studio 410

Culture Crawl Studio 410 – at 1000 Parker St

This studio is a shared space between Suzy Birstein, Louise Solecki Weir and Claire Sower!

Which mediums are the artists in the studio working with?

Suzy works with ceramics, clay sculpture, oil paintings and collage on canvas & paper. Louise works in clay, bronze and oil paint. Claire works in oil and acrylic paint.

What new work can people see at your studio at this year’s crawl?

In conjunction with figurative clay sculptures and oil paintings, Suzy has extended her oeuvre to include playful, large scale collage on canvas.
Louise has several new studies and sculpted heads in clay. She feels particularly drawn to young faces in present work.
Claire is showcasing 10 vivid new floral paintings from her Ingenue series recently commissioned by The Silk Gallery in Port Moody and several new landscapes from her Cote d’Azure series.

What brought the artists in the studio together? 

Fellow artist and student, David Birch found the space and offered to share. “I enticed fellow figurative sculptor Louise Solecki-Weir and we had the good fortune to include painter Claire Sower,” Suzy said.

How does working in a shared space affect your work? Have you drawn any inspiration from your studio mates?

Working within this creative milieu, in the most natural way, we influence, support and inspire each other to be even more of who we are. We have wonderful comradery, and have been known to share the occasional glass of wine together.

What’s your favourite thing about the Crawl? 

We treasure being active participants in one of the most important cultural events in our city, within one of the most exciting studio spaces, 1000 Parker Street, housing other serious working artists.

Describe your studio space a little. Is it minimal and contained, or more sprawling?

We each have intimate studios within the larger space. It is the best of both worlds – private and expansive.

What’s the weirdest thing in your studio?

 Feathers, tutus and bindis

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