Studio 580 Artist Collective

580 Clark Drive, Vancouver BC

Which mediums are the artists in the studio working with? 

Mixed Media Sculptured Painting, Mixed Media Photography, Acrylic, Oil and Encaustic Painting, Illustrations, Graphite and Pen and Ink Drawings.

What new work can people see at your studio at this year’s crawl?

Rich earthy encaustic wax paintings, scenic East Vancouver photography mounted and resined on wood. Emotional portrait and figurative fine oil paintings, colourful creative East Vancouver cityscape scenes, playful and colourful illustrated characters and mixed media multidimensional figurative work.

What brought the artists in the studio together?

Our search for an Artistic Community brought us together. We’ve stayed together through our mutual respect for one another.

How does working in a shared space affect your work? Have you drawn any inspiration from your studio mates?

Our inspiration together has heighten each of our own creative levels. Working along side one another has strengthened our individual artistic vision as well the support of each other has created a true foundation of friendship amongst us

What’s your favourite thing about the Crawl? 

We love the art crawl because of the artistic energy created when the artist and art lover come together to appreciate creativity.

 Describe your studio space a little. Is it minimal and contained, or more sprawling?

 A bright and open space filled with diverse artists.

What’s the weirdest thing in your studio?

The artists.

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