Yew Woodshop

1295 Frances St (C3)

Which mediums are the artists in the studio working with?

We all work with wood, in some form or another. The type of wood we use ranges from live edge slabs to locally reclaimed pieces and everything in between. Each type of wood has it's own set of characteristics so the work we produce is pretty diverse.

What brought the artists in the studio together?

Love for design, as well as woodworking brought us all together in this space. We've all studied design (either Industrial Design, or Graphic Design) so the link between design and artistry is something we all have in common. It's also better for creativity when you have other people around to bounce ideas off of.

How long have the artists been working out of this space?

It ranges from about 2 years to 6 years.

What’s the studio atmosphere like? Do you listen to music while you are working?

We have a range of personalities in the shop, so depending on who is around you'll hear anything from heavy metal to break beats. Thankfully despite our contrasting music choices, we all get along really well :)

What’s your favourite thing about the Crawl?

We often get wrapped up in big projects, so the Crawl give us an opportunity to create smaller objects, or experiment with something new. We also love to opportunity to discuss our work and talk about our process.