Michael Korenberg resigns as chair of UBC board of governors after he likes a tweet by Dinesh D'Souza

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      A well-known businessman and lawyer has stepped down from one of the most prestigious positions in British Columbia.

      Michael Korenberg was elected chair of the UBC board of governors in February 2018.

      But his term came crashing to an end after it was revealed that he liked tweets supporting Donald Trump and condemning Antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement.

      In a statement, the vice chair of UBC's board, Sandra Cawley, revealed that Korenberg has stepped down, effective immediately.

      "His decision comes after information that was publicized last week about his social media interactions that appeared to support regressive voices online and undermine legitimate protest," Cawley stated.

      "The Board of Governors and Mr. Korenberg would like to recognize that this has been deeply hurtful to members of our community and that UBC has zero tolerance for racism and recognizes that real harm is created from both overt and structural racism."

      Korenberg even liked a tweet by Dinesh D'Souza claiming that the Democratic Party has a military wing, just like Mussolini and Hitler had.

      D'Souza has made millions with controversial and conspiratorial books and films about the Clintons and Barack Obama.

      Korenberg posted an apology on Twitter.

      Cawley, now the acting chair, stated that the board is reaffirming its commitment to oppose racism and discrimination.

      "The Board and the university would like to thank Mr. Korenberg for his years of service, commitment and contributions to UBC," she added. "As Chair, he supported a wide-range of initiatives under the UBC Strategic Plan including increasing accountability and improving the governance of the Board and its committees."