Online career programs at Ashton College empower students to begin the journey toward a new career or gain Canadian credentials

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      Written by: Lindsay McKay

      Are you an experienced professional in need of a Canadian credential? Have you been looking for that sign to jump in and start your journey toward a new and exciting career? Ashton College offers programs that are skills-focused with hands-on practical learning experiences to help make your transition to working in Canada or a new career seamless and attainable.

      Based in Vancouver, Ashton College has been providing innovative, personalized online and in-person learning experiences since 1998. Its focus is to make every student career-ready with sought-after skills and at the forefront of their industry. Ashton College has a variety of in high-demand industries for you to explore to find your dream career in Canada.

      It does not matter how you get there—Ashton College wants to help you along the way.

      “We want you to make the right decision around your career path and set goals that align with your ambitions,” says president Colin Fortes. “Ashton College will do everything we can to support you on your journey to success.”

      The college has something for everyone. Whether you have strong communication skills and want to work directly with people or you have a more analytical mind and would rather work with numbers and solve problems, there’s a career program that will suit your strengths. 

      Ashton College

      Career programs at Ashton College

      Do you have strong communication skills and want to work directly with people? Ashton College has some great options. If you enjoy working with adults in a one-on-one setting, apply to the to become a life coach, business coach, employment coach, or relationship coach and help empower people’s lives.

      If you prefer to work with kids, consider getting into the education industry with the . Another option is to get into the field of immigration law and apply to the .

      Have a passion for creating a positive and safe work environment? Apply to the and get ready for a rewarding career in human resources.

      “It’s an awesome program with incredible instructors. I love their online web approach. I would take another program with Ashton College in a heartbeat,” states Crystal Trail, a Human Resource Management Diploma Program graduate.

      If you want to utilize your critical thinking skills while working with people, a career in human services or health care is worth investigating. Explore Ashton College’s and to find a career path that aligns with your goals. Individuals with an eye for detail and who enjoy working with forms and numbers will excel in Ashton College’s . While its will put you on a path toward an exciting career if you are looking to combine design, research, and problem-solving.

      Additional courses

      Ashton College also offers a variety of compact in , , , , , and more.

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