Online career programs at Ashton College expand horizons for working professionals

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      Written by: CJ McGillivray

      The job market is constantly evolving so how can individuals stay relevant? With unprecedented shifts in workplaces and the economy, many Canadians are looking to online education through postsecondary institutions like Ashton College.

      Based in Vancouver, was established in 1998 and has become a leader in postsecondary education and learning innovation. The institution offers numerous career programs and to help students build upon their résumés, expand their horizons, and improve their career prospects.

      "Our main goal is to make our students happy and help them improve their lives," says Ashton College president Colin Fortes.

      Ashton College continually adapts and updates its programs to reflect industry demands, regulations, and student needs. To build upon this commitment and to expand its offerings, the curriculum development team recently launched two additional career programs. Students can now apply for either the or the . These two added programs may not have much in common on the surface but both programs empower students to help others through intuitive design and through ethical, informed coaching.

      Ashton College

      Certificate in UX (User Experience) Design

      Through this innovative program, individuals can learn about responsive web and app design, with an emphasis on practical knowledge. Students gain direct experience with user research and efficient project strategies as they work toward creating intuitive and accessible designs. During the 300 instructional hours, faculty members guide the group of students to develop design processes and professional online portfolios.

      Upon completion of the , graduates will be thoroughly equipped for a career in the burgeoning fields of user experience design, research, consulting, visuals, or information architecture. Down the road, graduates can also add value to their design experience with or other technology courses.

      Professional Coach Diploma Program

      The training through Ashton College helps students to build a foundation in coaching theory, skill, and practice. Core learning objectives include cultivating trust and safety, facilitating growth, and engaging in active listening with clients. Students will also develop the necessary skills to help clients overcome negative thought patterns, fears, and eliminate the root causes of failure.

      Career options for graduates include becoming a life or business coach, helping repair connections as a relationship coach, or working as a team or employment coach. A would also be beneficial for graduates or anyone looking to improve their active listening skills.

      Ashton College

      Additional Career Programs

      In addition to expanded educational offerings in marketing and human services, Ashton College offers a variety of other career programs for students to consider. Individuals can explore the many on offer or consider applying for the , , or the program.

      "We support your educational goals, whether you want to build a new foundation, take the next step in your career, or even open your own business," says Fortes.

      For more information or to apply for a career program, visit