SFU geography Prof. Valorie Crooks discusses her research on COVID-19 risks in B.C. neighbourhoods on February 24

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      Health geographer Valorie Crooks will be featured as part of SFU's Vancouver Lunch 'n' Learn online series on February 24.

      The SFU geography professor will discuss her research on COVID-19 risks in neighbourhoods throughout B.C. (Click here to view the maps created by Crooks and her team.)

      "We are continuously inundated with geographic information about the COVID-19 pandemic," reads the event info. "As our understanding of COVID-19 has evolved, so too has our awareness of the spatial dimensions of both its spread and control. In many ways, health geography has never been so relevant to enhancing our understanding of a critical global public health issue, nor in creating and supporting solutions to addressing its impacts.

      Valorie Crooks

      "In this presentation, Dr. Valorie Crooks will share how her team of health geographers and patient partners have come together to map COVID-19 risks in neighbourhoods throughout BC. She’ll share how they created the model that informed the maps, their process of revising the model and maps through seeking input from the public health community, and the public feedback they have received since sharing their maps openly."

      Crooks’ free Zoom presentation starts at 12 pm Pacific time and will be followed by a Q&A. You can register here.